Neo-Rodeo Schedule
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It's a neo-cowgirl revolution!

Cowgirl Way Society imagines alternatives to riding bulls and roping calves while still preserving the essential spirit of cowgirl folklore, ranching, and the mythical Wild West. At Cowgirl Way Society events, people are animals and gender doesn't matter - anyone can be a cowgirl.

The Cowgirl Way Society is made possible, in part, by the following:

The Cowgirl Way Society is also the latest funthing from Catherine Herdlick. It's sort of a mash-up of an alternate reality game, diy community circus, burlesque and vaudeville shows, urban street games, rodeo, and cowgirl culture.

2009/2010 will be spent doing live playtesting in big cities, rodeo towns, and online. All are invited to try it out. In early 2011, the Society's official tour and competition will kick off, so start training now!

We're currently looking for partners to help us get the tour ready. If you know a venue, food, rope, toy, apparel, or beverage that would like to help out the 2011 Cowgirl Way Society Neo-Rodeo Tour, please get in touch.

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